Our adventure with construction carpentry started in 2007. In the beginning, we were mostly focused on installations of different elements of wood joinery. As the time went by and we were gaining more and more experience, our company has entered into the field of distributing ready goods from ALU, like for example doors. The combination of selling and installing was a jackpot so our company has been only developing ever since.

The next step for our company was quite obvious—we had to decide what would be our major specialization. Taking into account all of the tools and machinery we had, like for example milling machine, as well as our storage and production capacity, we have started manufacturing PVC and ALU door panels for a construction industry

The knowledge and skills we have now are the outcome of 10 years of experience in the PVC and ALU carpentry, as well as working with the most respected suppliers of such components like HPL panels, ALU panels and glass.

Technological innovations are the basis for every project we participate in. Our panels have been designed and manufactured not only as an answer to customers’ demands, but also as an answer to the latest trends on the joinery market.